My Unfamiliar Family: REVIEW

I’ve been debating whether or not to write this since, as you may have noticed, I have the tendency to abandon recaps (which doesn’t mean that I abandoned the show!). I realized that the way I’ve been doing recaps made watching the show twice as long and it stopped being enjoyable, which is why I […]

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My Unfamiliar family: Episode 11 – Recap

We often wonder a lot about what might have been, how our lives could have turned out if we did things a certain way or made a different choice at some point in time. However, it’s usually all for naught because we can’t escape the present with the past, and all we can really decide […]

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My Unfamiliar Family: Episode 10 – Recap

Too often, we craft explanations and create expectations about the people around us: why they act the way they do, how they would feel when they learn about a particular thing, and whatnot. But when reality presents itself differently, it is sometimes harder to deconstruct the story in our heads than it is to accept […]

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Mystic pop-up bar: Episode 10 – recap

If the last episode was just filler, this one has got to be their best so far. We don’t have a case of the week but we go leaps and bounds in terms of story and character development. Without further ado, let’s jump right in!

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So, it turns out that this show only has 12 episodes (I thought it would be the usual 16), which means we’re getting closer to the end! For a show that has a shorter season than others, this was a filler episode, but it did set us up for a lot of exciting things in […]

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