My unfamiliar Family: Episode 12 – Recap

Sometimes, it might just be too late, isn’t it?

A line in the sand

Last episode, Chan-hyuk comes to the restaurant to cut ties with Eun-Hee. Eun-hee, with all her false bravado, says that it wasn’t that important for him to come tell her in person. Gun-joo sees them talking and bids goodbye, telling Eun-hee to introduce Chan-hyuk to the team. Chan-hyuk leaves as he’s said his piece. She flashes back to Gun-joo asking her what she wants, and Chan-hyuk asking her how low does she think he is. There’s a dramatic shot of her feet walking, whether she will follow Chan-hyuk or Gun-joo (I think we all know where she’s going.).

True enough, Chan-hyuk hails a cab but Eun-hee stops him. She wants to know why he’s doing this, because when she did this in the past, at least she had a clear reason for doing it. He scoffs at that, saying that she still assumes he kept Jong-min’s cheating from her. She knows it was the girl back then but she wants to know what’s happening now. He then rambles about being more considerate to people closer to you and how he didn’t subscribe to that idea in order to have an honest relationship. But now, he thinks it’s right because Eun-hee has been too inconsiderate towards him. She counters that did he think he was considerate towards her, when he told Seo-young everything? He’s insulted that she thinks he’s that kind of person. Well, Eun-hee says, how else could she have known when she was using Eun-hee’s own words? He doesn’t want to bother explaining when she’s already made up her mind. She still sees him as the guy who told everyone that they spent time together by the wall back in college. He leaves her on the sidewalk and she walks the opposite way.

Chan-hyuk returns to the office and finds Seo-young waiting for him. She asks what happened and why couldn’t they have just resolved the misunderstanding if they’re friends? He wants to know why she looked through his phone. She wanted to check what Chan-hyuk and her mom were talking about, because her mom tried to appease her harasser’s parents before. She wanted her parents to acknowledge what happened to her, because they pretend like it never happened.

The following day, Chan-hyuk sends Ji-woo and Seo-young out for a shoot. Ji-woo asks her if she’s alright and they talk about the comments on her social media. Seo-young sees only the negative things but he points out the positive comments as well. He doesn’t want her to hurt herself because of those comments, and she asks him if he likes her. He’s flustered and she teases him about being a good guy because of his sisters.

In the publishing house, Gun-joo comes up to Eun-hee’s car and takes the passenger seat. Eun-hee thinks they can handle the smaller locations without him but Gun-joo wants to be the judge of that. Ji-woo calls while Eun-hee is driving and Seo-young explains the misunderstanding. Eun-hee asks why Chan-hyuk let her see it but remembers that Gun-joo is in the car with her. She calms herself down but keeps thinking about what Chan-hyuk said to her last night.

Once they’re done with work, Gun-joo and Eun-hee have a conversation in her car. He thinks he offended her last night with his comments. Since she doesn’t want a childish relationship, he thinks about all the rumors that would be created if they went public as well as the things they could do together. She thought about it too and while she liked him a lot initially, she does feel slighted by him implying that she was a pushover, and pretending that he did it out of concern. He just wanted her attention and he wants to keep trying for her, because he knows how great she is. When he leaves, she calls Ji-woo and finally gets to have the conversation she wanted in the car. Why did Seo-young look through Chan-hyuk’s texts and did Chan-hyuk get mad at her for it? Ji-woo doesn’t know anything and steps out, but not before Chan-hyuk overhears him. Knowing that Seo-young had something to do with it, Chan-hyuk beckons her over and she tells him.

In her apartment, Eun-hee opens her laptop, where she has copies of things that she wrote, and remembers that she had ambitions. Eun-hee keeps texting Chan-hyuk but he ignores her. Finally, she texts him that she’s outside his studio and gives him kimchi as a peace offering. He refuses to budge. Eun-hee admits that she thought the worst of him because it was Seo-young who said it and she thought something was going on, that’s why she believed her easily. He relents and they go inside, even carrying the kimchi with him. She’s back to her weird, funny self but Chan-hyuk remarks that she can’t even look at him. They go out to a park, and we get a flashback to their reconnection. She tells him that she thought she was simply happy to be friends with him again. She didn’t want to lose him, so she drew a line that they could be nothing more, by telling him she was sleeping with Gun-joo. They’re back to being friends again, but with the longing glances, of course.

In the last few minutes of the episode, Gun-joo receives an email from Ha-ra that she told Eun-hee they slept together on the last day. She’s wondering if he knows, since there’s no reaction. I guess this is probably a hint for Gun-joo that he just doesn’t matter that much to Eun-hee.

Acceptance and forgiveness

Sang-sik apologizes to Eun-joo because he couldn’t keep his promise when she was still in Jin-sook’s womb: that he would raise her in the best way possible, that he would let her do what she wanted, and that he would be the best dad to her. Tae-hyung says that he thinks he kept his promise. Sang-sik asks Tae-hyung how much he adores his wife. Eun-joo tries to get him out of it by saying that he’s not expressive but Sang-sik wants Tae-hyung to brag about Eun-joo. He talks about how she was adorable as a baby and how she sparkled in college, which brings him to tears. We get a flashback of Eun-joo in college, coming back home: how terrible her father felt that Eun-joo had to work for the family because he couldn’t. In the present, he gives her the bank book. She tells him that she felt flustered when he did this the first time, because Jin-sook also suffered when he scrimped on what he gave her, to pay a debt that could not be calculated. Tae-hyung tries to stop her but Eun-joo asks tearfully that if it were Eun-hee, would he have worked so hard to repay her? She feels hurt that he doesn’t see her as a real daughter and that’s why he felt that he had to pay her back. Tae-hyung says that she’s trying to say that she won’t accept it. Eun-joo, while crying, says she will if he feels that burdened about it and Sang-sik doesn’t understand why she’s crying.

Tae=hyung picks up Eun-joo’s phone when Eun-hee calls after her fight with Chan-hyuk. Eun-hee asks if Eun-joo is avoiding her calls, remembering Eun-joo’s declaration that her relationship with the family will change. He says that’s not it and he can get her sister if Eun-hee wants. Eun-hee refuses the offer and drops off the call.

After she’s calmed down, Eun-joo asks why Tae-hyung stopped her when she wanted to tell Sang-sik. To him, it seemed like she found it hard. He says biological issues aren’t a big deal at their age (which, yes, true). Eun-joo counters that why can’t things be a big deal at their age (which, also, true, so yes go queen)? He lets her win and he mentions that Eun-hee called her and asked him if Eun-joo was avoiding her. This annoys Eun-joo and she gives Eun-hee a call.

Eun-hee announces that she’s sleeping over at Eun-joo’s apartment. She tells her older sister about Chan-hyuk using her exact words to her five years ago today, and Eun-joo remarks that it’s good that she knows how hurtful those words are. If it made her heart hurt, then it means she likes him. Eun-hee asks if it hurt when she said the same words to Eun-joo, and she responds that it didn’t, since they don’t like each other. Eun-hee talks about Gun-joo saying she has no goals and Eun-joo says that it’s what she wants people to think, and if that’s the case, then he likes her (I don’t get this part, honestly). Eun-hee pouts at Eun-joo but Eun-joo keeps thinking about Sang-sik’s visit earlier. She tells her younger sister that her problems are petty, and do not warrant rushing over to her house. The first thing Eun-hee thought after her argument with Chan-hyuk was that she wanted to see her sister, even if she never consoled her. That’s what she needs, because Eun-joo’s words, the painful and annoying ones, are what give her the strength to resolve her issues. Eun-joo is tired of lecturing and being the villain, so Eun-hee needs to figure things out on her own. This “problem” (meaning the different parents thing) isn’t something that Eun-hee can fix. She knows this and, trying to hold back tears, tells Eun-joo that it’s not a reason for her to say that their relationship will grow distant or change. Eun-hee came because she wanted to see her older sister, and a few tears fall.

We get a series of scenes of Eun-hee sleeping beside Eun-joo. Eun-hee hugs Eun-joo and the older one pushes her away. Eun-hee asks how much was in the bank account, letting slip that she hopes Sang-sik can rent a place soon. Eun-joo is surprised by this, asking where he’s staying now and she knows Eun-hee is lying when she says she doesn’t know. They reminisce about their childhood home, and Eun-joo remembers all the bad things while Eun-hee remembers the good parts. Eun-hee keeps snuggling up to her and they come to the topic of Eun-joo’s relationships, how she seems like she’s never been in a passionate one. Eun-joo teases that Eun-hee knows nothing about her relationships, and Eun-hee keeps pestering her. They end up wrapped around each other. (This was sweet. I love their relationship.)

A few nights later, Eun-joo and Hyo-seok have drinks at a bar. He talks about why he got so angry with Tae-hyung, how he had such an easy and comfortable life yet he wanted to escape it. It’s a contrast to the tough life that Hyo-seok has lived, where he doesn’t have the option to escape. He is going to New Zealand to get back with his ex, and wants Eun-joo to let Tae-hyung know. Eun-joo doesn’t think she can tell him. He insists that she can’t protect him forever, and it’s a way for her to figure out how she really feels. It’s his farewell gift to her. Tae-hyung arrives at the bar after Hyo-seok leaves. She breaks the news to him. Tae-hyung is stunned and pours himself a drink.

In their apartment, they find his mother waiting and Tae-hyung walks away, ignoring her. Eun-joo stops her from following him. His mother tells Eun-joo that money shows how low people really are, and that she’d speak to Tae-hyung instead since Eun-joo is no longer family. His door is locked and they can hear him throwing things. His mother asks Eun-joo what happened and she tells her that he was dumped,. He must have liked him a lot to have this kind of reaction. His mother is shocked by how nonchalant Eun-joo is about all this. She asks his mother how difficult it is to accept Tae-hyung as he is if she loves him, because she already has. Eun-joo waits outside his door the whole night.

A little too late

When Sang-sik leaves Eun-joo’s apartment, Jin-sook is waiting for him outside. He explains what happened: he was trying to give her the bank book but he took it back, because he just wanted to relieve his guilt and it made Eun-joo cry. He tells her to go appease Eun-joo but she says she can’t go. She lets slip that Eun-joo knows about her paternity, as well as Eun-hee and Ji-woo. He thinks that she told them the truth to separate him from his children. Jin-sook argues that he blames her for everything when he was the one who promised to keep this a secret forever, and this is just another broken promise. He flashes back to all his recent encounters with Eun-joo and almost gets run over by a car, until Jin-sook pulls him back from the road. He beats up a tree as he cries on the sidewalk, with Jin-sook comforting him. Jin-sook lends him her handkerchief to wrap around his injured hand.

Sang-sik returns the handkerchief to Jin-sook. He thinks that if Jin-sook didn’t tell him, Eun-joo wasn’t actually going to tell him. They should keep it a secret that he knows but Jin-sook knows that no secret lasts forever. He should have just pretended losing his memory, so he can only look back on the good things. It’s what she would have done. But for Sang-sik, it wasn’t fun doing it alone. He drags her with him to his car. He loved their kids so much and it was that unrequited love that made him so bitter to want to die. Now, he owes the kids nothing and he has no regrets. He only owes Jin-sook, and he reaches out to put her seat belt on her.

Jin-sook is at a city lookout with Sang-sik and he buys coffees for both of them. He reflects that he was happiest when they were poor. He started resenting her when he read The Bridges of Madison Country and he quotes the part she underlined, “In this universe wrapped in uncertainty, a feeling of conviction like this comes only once.” He took it to mean that she longed for Eun-joo’s dad all their lives, and Jin-sook reflects that he held onto a misunderstanding all his life.

Sang-sik is outside Jin-sook’s apartment, and he pretends to ask her about the washer, but he actually has a rose for her in the front seat. They go out to eat noodles and she wipes his face, which makes him eat more and be messy again. He waits for her again the next day, and he has her favorite flowers in the front seat, which makes her smile. They play games at an arcade and Jin-sook wins. When they part for the day, he asks if they can go on a real date next time, which leaves Jin-sook flustered.

Ji-woo notices new flowers at home and sees Jin-sook’s note that she’ll be home after dinner. He sees that she bought new clothes and that there are stuffed toys from a claw machine at home, which leads him to assume that she’s dating. While meeting with his siblings at the coffee shop, he reports that Jin-sook kicked their dad out as she’s using the master bedroom now. She’s also seeing someone and he shows them pictures of the items all around the house. Ji-woo thinks it’s Mr. Yoo. Both sisters think it’s childish for him to gossip about their mom and they all have their secrets. Eun-hee teases him about his secret when Tae-hyung arrives. While walking with Eun-hee, Ji-woo comments that Tae-hyung and Eun-joo seem better now. Ji-woo says that he set up the meeting simply because wanted to see Eun-joo.

On their date, Sang-sik is waiting for Jin-sook as they’re going to see a musical. He sees a flower shop and buys her flowers. Jin-sook gets of the bus and looks dolled up. Sang-sik follows her on the other side of the road. She sees him and they catch each other’s eyes, grinning. As he crosses the street, he gets dizzy and falls to the ground.

Final thoughts

He’s going to die.

Okay, fine, since this show leads us to the unexpected and I have rarely (never?) been right on any of their cliffhanger conclusions, maybe he won’t die. But I’m pretty sure he’s sick with something and maybe he’ll die in the finale.

There were a lot of cute and heartwarming scenes this episode, with Sang-sik and Jin-sook, as well as Eun-joo and Eun-hee. I even loved the part where Eun-joo already accepted Tae-hyung and how heartbroken he is. Am I the only one curious about what other relationships Eun-joo may have had? I really think she deserves that passionate love that Eun-hee talks about.

Looking forward to next week!

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